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About Us

We go all out to provide you the service that you so richly deserve!

We don't just rely on conventional wisdom. We listen. We take time to understand the clients' business and goals. And then we deliver in the most effective way using our wealth of specialist knowledge and experience.

Our mission is to develop and strengthen lasting relationships with our clients by maintaining rigorous standards of integrity, professionalism and trust, while we adapt to the ever-changing industry environment.  

Our professional team offers expert and consultative guidance based on its vast experience that is second to none, proven by our growing number of returning corporate clients to us for their requirements.  


Rent A Car

We are known as the “one-stop” shop for all your vehicle rental needs with safety, reliability, punctuality and customer satisfaction. Our vehicles come fully equipped with GPS monitoring technology, handy route maps and destination guides. We know how important role the drivers play in our service and therefore, we select our drivers with utmost care and providing them with intensive training to become well groomed, disciplined and reliable chauffeurs. We do everything possible and take care of the minute details to ensure your comfort, convenience and safety.

So, when it comes to choosing a car rental company, there can be no better choice than Chengdu Feng Hui Conference Services Limited. 


MICE ( Meeting Incentives Conferences Exhibitions) 

With our proven experience in the local market, Chengdu Feng Hui Conference Services Limited has assisted industrialists, professional bodies, corporations and autonomous bodies in making their conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, product launches, symposiums, meetings, conventions, incentive holidays and all related events grand successes.

With its vast expertise, experience, team of skilled professionals who thrive on challenges, own fleet of chauffeur-driven cars and coaches, and excellent relationships with local government agencies, Chengdu Feng Hui Conference Services Limited has carved a top position in the ranks of M.I.C.E. management organizations in Chengdu.  


Visa Arrangements

We are one of Chengdu’s leading independent full service advertising agencies with wide capabilities and a substantial reputation built over the years. We provide advertising, design, media planning and digital services to hundreds of clients. We deliver superior quality, highly effective advertising, across all media. We excel in matching media plans to client needs and create media solutions that are creative, effective, responsible and visible. And all the work we do is more than creative - they must be measurably productive.

We live in a digital world. People are online no matter when, where or how. What companies do and say online is having a profound effect on their reputation and brand. At Chengdu Feng Hui Conference Services Limited, we combine our knowledge of interactive media, creativity and technology to meet today’s communication challenges.


Contact Us  

Address:         No.1329, Hong Fan Lan Diao Building, Wu Hou Road,  Wu Hou District, 
                       Chengdu, Sichuan, China. 
           四川省 成都市武侯区 武侯大道 祥云路 红帆蓝调综合楼  12单元 1329

Tel:                  400-8400-080       (Chinese)                  
                        (86-28) 86266844 (English) 

Fax:                 (86 28)86269779

E-mail:              maggie@cd-fh.com (Chinese)                       
                         mgm@cd-fh.com     (English)  


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